Specialized Coaching Areas

As transformational life coaches, we are here to help you gain clarity and develop a plan
that will help you achieve the life you desire. Whether you are motivated by knowing what
isn’t working for you anymore OR you are inspired by an exhilarating vision or goal that
you are ready to achieve with additional support and accountability, coaching is a great
place to find deep, lasting results. Each Coaching session is personalized to meet your
individual needs, but here are a few of our favorite areas to work with:

Authentic Relationships

Do you want to improve and strengthen your relationships? Create more fulfilling relationships and attract people who add value to your life through deep, authentic personal connections. Compelling evidence suggests that positive relationships are vital to having a long, healthy and happy life. Coaching can help you raise your level of awareness to recognize and break free of the subconscious patterns of attraction and communication that may be leading to the same, unfulfilling outcomes in your relationships.

Together we will identify your goals and dreams, and support you to take necessary actions to move through the obstacles that are keeping you from realizing your greatest desires by using step-by-step, proven tools like mindful communication, attachment theory and boundary setting, and pattern awareness.

You will be amazed at how these shifts in your side of the equation can transform the way your relationships look and feel and strengthen your ability to cultivate and maintain the meaningful, authentic, and healthy connections you truly desire.

Rewarding Career

Do you want to discover your passion-driven career or reach greater heights in your current position? Perhaps you are in an unsatisfying job and wondering if the career path you have chosen is really right for you. Or maybe you are trying to determine what to study in college or vocational school, or what do when you graduate Whether you are a young person planning your future or an individual considering changing careers, or just aiming to enhance your current work situation, we can help you gain clarity and move forward with intention.

Imagine waking up every day excited to go to work and loving your job. Using the Meyers Briggs Type Indicator along with other informal assessments, we can help you develop a personal profile detailing strengths and personality characteristics. We will work collaboratively as you design and create the vocation that inspires you and brings you great joy and fulfillment. 

We have worked with thousands of adults in all stages of their career and helped them recognize their true strengths and interests, helping them to realize greater success in academic and vocational endeavors as well as their personal lives. We can help you identify your dream job, take steps to achieve it, and flourish in a satisfying, prosperous career.

Life Balance


Life Balance is more than just reducing our time at work or increasing our time for our personal life. Creating Life Balance is about living in line with our values, interests, and passions, so that every part of our days, our weeks, and our life feels fulfilling. When we fall into the routine of overworking and under-resting or even under-playing, we can start to ignore our health and wellbeing. Coaching around Life Balance is an opportunity to rediscover and realign with your values, in all parts of your life and identity.

A sense of well-being has been linked to happiness and life satisfaction, but sometimes the demands of life—juggling work, family, friendships, personal wellness, hobbies, dreams, and everything else that makes life so rich—can start to dim our light and our ability to feel satisfied in any one of these areas. Coaching can help you identify focus areas and create new habits that feel more balanced and aligned with your values. These new habits can help you be present and focused in each part of your life, instead of feeling behind or feeling that the parts of your life interfere with one another. You will learn to shift your mindset from one of scarcity and lack (not enough time, energy, money, etc.), to one in which you can start to create an abundance of time, money, fulfilling experiences, meaningful connections, and joy in all areas of your life.

Organization & Productivity


Do you love your job, but feel overwhelmed or unequipped to reach your full potential in your role? Are you balancing personal and professional roles, but feeling you can never fully focus or succeed in any of them as they compete for your attention and energy? If you find it difficult to stay organized, meet deadlines, juggle different tasks and roles, or effectively manage projects and teams in your environment, coaching is a great place to start.


This type of coaching focuses on developing and strengthening executive function skills that include time-management, organization, planning, and problem-solving, all through the lens of your individual needs. We will work together to decide which tools might give you the most immediate and significant benefits, and then personalize them to fit your learning style, personality, roles, and habits.

Through repetition, accountability, and a structure of support, new habits are formed. These new behaviors increase productivity and help you balance your time and, in turn, reduce stress and frustration. If you have found yourself wishing someone could help you organize your time, your tasks, or your plans of action, coaching can help you achieve the incredible results you are capable of.