Think About It

Journey Back To Joy

Finding Inspiration Through Loss and Grief

As we move into yet another month of 2022, many external parts of life are starting to look more “normal”. However, for many of us, our internal bearings feel anything but normal. Feelings of loss are reverberating around the world, and our collective mental health continues to be threatened. Friends, family members, traditions and our sense of security may have disappeared, and the daily assault of contradicting information and images of loss is emotionally exhausting. I have experienced loss this devastating before. The loss of my daughter came dangerously close to stealing my joy. I hope my “journey back to joy” will inspire your own, so that you too can continue to grow and heal in the face of loss and change, whatever form it may take…. Read More

Get Connected

Six Tips for Improving Your Networking Skills

Do you struggle knowing what to say in networking groups? Does anxiety in social situations sometimes leave you speechless? In many cases, extroverts tend to have an easier time meeting new people and initiating conversations. It can be intimidating for a lot of us to go to a networking event and walk confidently into a room full of people, especially those we don’t know. Now, during these uncertain times, many people are finding creative ways to network virtually and for some, the lack technical expertise just adds to the apprehension in these situations. Whether in person or on a digital platform, preparation and practice can help you overcome your fears and find ways to connect with others, have meaningful conversations, and build lasting relationships…Read More

How Can Life Coaching Help Me?

See New Possibilities and Achieve Your Goals

We may think of them as the person sitting on the sidelines teaching you what to do in a game, giving athletes directions, and training them to their full capacity. You’re right! We just need to think deeply about what’s behind those capacities – they don’t just see a person wanting to learn, but they see people who need direction to reach their life goals. Like athletes, you have a mission – you may or may not know what that mission is yet, but with the help of a skilled life coach, you will gain a clearer view of your goals and action steps needed to achieve lasting results… Read More

Music Is My Doctor

Tunes Can Heal The Soul

“Music is the doctor, it makes you feel like you want to…Music is the doctor of my soul.” From pop to classical, music is a powerful tool that can help you reset your energy and help you heal. It can calm anxiety, lift one’s mood, ease pain and be a distraction from challenging situations. Most people have strong connections to some type of music and certain songs can evoke vivid memories. Surgeons often play music during surgery and many patients listen to music as part of their recuperation. Music plays a significant role in many healing modalities.

Extensive research indicates that music can reduce anxiety and even nausea during medical procedures and treatments such as chemotherapy. Stroke victims who experience damage on their left side of the brain, the area responsible for speech, use music and song to restore speech loss. Since singing is initiated on the right side of the brain, patients can sing comments and requests… Read More

Happy New Year from Paula Fendley & Co.!

For many, the last few months of the year are a strange sort of transitional space. A pause between what you were and who you imagine yourself to be starting January 1st. Like a computer glitching, we want to reboot and start everything fresh. But we aren’t computers. We are people with a myriad of choices before us and the ability to change if we so desire…. Read More

Happy New Year from Paula Fendley & Co.!