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Who can benefit from coaching?

If you are ready to make a change and committed to taking action and working hard, coaching is for you. Clients who come to the process with an open mind, a willingness to try new things and an intense focus on their goals, experience great success and lasting change.

What is coaching?

One-on-one coaching is a powerful tool providing individualized planning, ongoing support, and useful feedback as clients design and create a life they love living. Where traditional psychotherapy tends to focus on the “why” behind behaviors, coaching focuses on a client’s longing and discontent, designing a plan of action to achieve desired results within a structure of support.

My style of coaching is action-oriented and I use a research-based process designed by the Life Mastery Institute, the world’s leading training center for transformational coaching. I also personalize the process to meet individual needs and work with my clients to design a program that meets their time constraints as well. I believe every person has unique gifts and talents and through an engaging curriculum and systematic structure of support, I can help you turn possibilities into reality. Regardless of your circumstances, I know you can create a life you love living.

Types of coaching programs:

Career Counseling Program

Utilizing the Meyers Briggs Type Indicator along with other assessments, I can help you develop a personal profile detailing strengths and personality characteristics. We will work collaboratively in-person or virtually as you design and create a vocation that inspires you and brings you great joy and fulfillment. Whether you are a high school student, college student, or adult planning to change careers, this program will help you gain clarity and accelerate your plan to take action toward a rewarding profession.

Personalized Coaching Program

This program is designed based on the individual’s goals, needs and desired results. Personal coaching takes you from your current state to a more expanded version of yourself.  These 1-hour sessions may be conducted virtually or in- person, and the length of coaching will be determined after a strategy session and in-depth assessment.

Dream Builder Course

I offer 12 – weeks of programming to provide the opportunity for optimal success. Personal coaching is offered alongside an audio-based curriculum and workbook to assist clients in generating a clear vision and purpose for their life. Clients are guided through a proven, reliable, repeatable process to manifest the life of their intentions.

Let’s talk to gain clarity on your goals, recognize what’s blocking your progress, and identify next steps.