Living in the Moment

I took my dogs to the dog park the other day and had a moment of clarity. I tried to get the two adorable labradoodles to avoid mud puddles because one in particular loves to take a mud bath whenever possible. Just when I thought the coast was clear, the blonde dog, Garfunkel found a … Read more

Music is My Doctor: Tunes Can Heal the Soul

“Music is the doctor, it makes you feel like you want to…Music is the doctor of my soul.” From pop to classical, music is a powerful tool that can help you reset your energy and help you heal. It can calm anxiety, lift one’s mood, ease pain and be a distraction from challenging situations. Most … Read more

Scoring Your Personal Best

Who would have ever thought I would be playing Fantasy Football and then become attached to my players? I now read my ESPN notifications, seek advice from my son, the expert on all things sports, and watch the headlines for injuries and all kinds of football news. I root for individual players who I hope … Read more

Journey Back to Joy: Finding Inspiration Through Loss and Grief

At some point in our lives, each of us has dealt with loss. Whether a move, divorce, or the death of a family member, loss can be devastating and confusing. The pain associated with loss is inevitable. Choosing to make meaning from that pain, however difficult, can be life changing. After my daughter died in … Read more

How Can Life Coaching Help Me?

We may think of them as the person sitting on the sidelines teaching you what to do in a game, giving athletes directions, and training them to their full capacity. You’re right! We just need to think deeply about what’s behind those capacities – they don’t just see a person wanting to learn, but they … Read more

Keys to Thriving While Working from Home

COVID 19 has changed our lives immeasurably. Our homes have become workplaces and for some, classrooms. Many of us now juggle two jobs: After setting up workstations, we’ve had to tackle learning online platforms and scheduling the school day. To remain productive, we’ve had to adapt. Case in point, did you ever have so many … Read more