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Do you want to find your life’s purpose or enhance your current career?

Gain insight into your strengths and interests, accelerate your results and thrive in your chosen profession.

Are you trying to determine what to study in college or what to do when you graduate? Perhaps you are in an unsatisfying job and wondering if the career path you have chosen is really right for you. Do you want to discover your passion driven career or reach greater heights in your current position? Whether you are a young person planning your future, an individual considering changing careers or just aiming to enhance your current work situation, I can help.

Imagine waking up every day excited to go to work and loving your job. Using the Meyers Briggs Type Indicator along with other informal assessments, I can help you develop a personal profile detailing strengths and personality characteristics. We will work collaboratively as you design and create the vocation that inspires you and brings you great joy and fulfillment.

I have worked with thousands of young adults and helped them to recognize their strengths and interests realizing greater success in academic and vocational endeavors as well as in their personal lives. I can help you identify your dream job, take steps to achieve it, and flourish in a satisfying, prosperous career.

Let’s talk to gain clarity on your goals, recognize what’s blocking your progress, and identify next steps.