Paula Fendley, Ed.D.
(713) 294 -1030


Using the Meyers Briggs Type Indicator and Strengths Finder, I can help you develop a personal profile detailing strengths and personality characteristics. The Dreambuilder approach, a repeatable, reliable system designed by the Life Mastery Institute, the world’s leading training center for transformational coaching, will guide the process. We work collaboratively as you design and create the vocation that inspires you and brings you great joy and fulfillment.   I have worked with thousands of young adults and helped them to identify their strengths and interests achieving greater success in academic and vocational endeavors as well as in their personal lives. Each month I make time for several complimentary strategy sessions. These sessions help clients gain clarity on their goals, recognize what’s blocking progress, and identify next steps. E-mail me at ….. if you are interested in taking advantage of this valuable opportunity.