Paula Fendley, Ed.D.
(713) 294 -1030


Each month I make time to offer a couple of complimentary speaking engagements to groups and organizations. The following seminars are available in 30 minute, 90 minute and 1 ½ hour formats:

  1. Create the Life You Want to Live.
  2. Three Keys to Transforming Your Life.
  3. Relationships and Business


Ignite your team with this professional learning workshop tailored to the needs of your organization or group. Using the Meyers-Briggs Type Inventory, I can help your team increase it’s effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity while enhancing relationships among co-workers. This engaging, interactive workshop provides the opportunity for members to not only gain insight into their own personality and behavior, but also better understand team members’ preferences, needs, and strengths. This greater understanding and enhanced communication between team members serves to minimize conflict and produce a dynamic, highly functioning team!