Paula Fendley, Ed.D.

Executive Functions

Does your teen have trouble staying focused? Do you feel as though he or she is not living up to their potential? Does your teen have trouble regulating his/her impulse and emotions? Is your relationship with your child suffering because you are constantly reminding them to complete tasks and/or doing the tasks for them? Are you an adult who misses appointments and deadlines? Do you lose focus and fail to accomplish tasks? Do you long to be organized in all areas of your life? If you said, “Yes” to any or most of these questions, you and/or your child would benefit from Executive Function coaching. This type of coaching focuses on developing and strengthening executive function skills that include organization, planning and problem-solving, impulse control, task initiation, focusing, and emotional self- regulation. Using the Meyers Briggs Type Inventory and an anecdotal account of school or work history, I work with individuals to raise their level of awareness and implement strategies to help them achieve greater success in all areas of their lives. Through repetition, accountability, and a structure of support, new habits are formed. These new behaviors increase productivity and, in turn, reduce stress and frustration. Whether you are a young person struggling in school or an adult having difficulty accomplishing your goals, Executive Function coaching can help you achieve incredible results.