Paula Fendley, Ed.D.
Transforming Dreams Into Reality


Hi, if you are interested in making positive changes in your life, you have come to the right place.

As a transformational life coach, I can help you design and live a life that is in harmony with your life’s purpose and personal values. For over 37 years I have worked with adults and teens, helping them build their dreams, accelerate their results, and create richer, more fulfilling lives. I have worked in schools as a teacher, counselor, and principal and have also served individuals and groups in my private counseling practice.  My leadership has gained me national recognition and numerous awards. As a sought after life coach and professional speaker, I offer inspiring workshops to audiences around the country as well as transformational in-depth coaching programs that help my clients achieve new heights of success, meaning, and aliveness.

A loyal Cougar supporter, I obtained my Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate degrees at the University of Houston, Central Campus. I have studied human behavior for as long as I can remember, and through out my life I have experienced challenges and losses and these events have served as my life’s curriculum. These life-altering experiences have caused me to engage in self-reflection and seek new ways of being. Having studied with Mary Morrissey, Tony Robbins, John Demartini, Wayne Dyer and Gay and Katie Hendricks, I continue to integrate my learning to create a life full of passion, purpose, and joy. I utilize an eclectic approach in my coaching practice and personalize the process for each individual assisting them to create a life they love living.

About Me

Core Values

I believe in the power and potential of each individual, regardless of their circumstances.

I interact with people with love and care.

I live what I teach and stand by my commitments.

I believe life is meant to be fun.

I grow continually and embrace change.

Community Involvement

Ashley Fendley Foundation-President

Rewarding kindness and excellence through college scholarships granted to humanitarians and artists.

Blackwood Educational Land Institute – Board Member

Reminding people of humanity’s intrinsic bond with the land, teaching the interconnectivity of all things and suggesting that great things can happen only when we realize that this interdependence extends to our families and communities.

reVision – Volunteer Mentor

Breaking the cycle of isolation among the most profoundly disconnected youth, most of whom are caught up in the juvenile justice system.

The Pachamama Alliance – Symposium Leader

Empowered by our partnership with indigenous people, the Alliance is dedicated to bringing forth an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, and socially just human presence on this planet.